Nature-inspired jewelry design meets the artistry of metal, creating abstract pieces that resonate with individual style and embody the essence of Cosmos.

Skin & Bones Collection

Permanence beyond death

Symbolizing the only remnants of life after death, body fossils are both revered and worn by many cultures as talismans for protection and vitality. Enduring and witnessing a series of changes over time, bones also represent stability and wisdom gracefully. 

Designed with the intention to bring grounding energy to their wearers, abstract and actual Skin & Bones pieces by 602 are modern tokens of ancestral wisdom. Imperfectly flawless yet irregular, bone inspired design jewelry of the Earth Collection match perfectly well together, while a single piece could elevate a simplistic style.  

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Wilderness Collection

Inspired by the secrets hidden within the heart of symbolism 

There is an untamed elegance to nature’s every creation. Besides the chaos and imperfection of the external, there lies a primal terrain in each of us rich in love, wisdom and wholeness. Sky Collection’s Wilderness pieces are a reminder of the beyond, intending to unveil the deeper meaning behind literal interpretation.

What may seem like a rose on the outside may be referring to the act of spiraling toward light and wisdom. Wilderness series is an invitation to dream and reveal the depths of your existence, simply by wearing a piece of jewelry that bears a higher purpose. Embrace both the known and the unknown, adorn yourself into wholeness. 

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Planets Collection

Mystical dance of celestial bodies

Whether the grounding strength of Saturn or the transformative energy of Pluto, planetary guidance has kept company to humanity throughout history. Fascinated by the astrological wonders of our galaxy, each piece of the Planets Series of Sky Collection is designed to deliver energy of the cosmos to its wearer. 

Wearing the symbol of your ruling planet not only empowers you but also provides a meaningful and memorable gift for a loved one.  Crafted with precision and infused with astrological significance, the Planets Series is more than jewelry—it's a celestial companion.

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